Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 2006

Here are some of the bloggers from December 2006 from the ephemeral blogroll of my main site.

Eats Bugs: I don't read many men bloggers. I just don't. Not sure why really, but when I discovered Derek's blog, I was instantly drawn. Met him through NaBloPoMo, by following Dating God's blogroll of "the tribe of yes" NabloPoMo participants.

Pluck The Petals: Blogging since 2003, this woman has soul and writes directly from it. She ain't bad with the camera either.

Crunchy Photoblug: Amazing photography. The portraits of the children on this site are beautiful and moving.

Wool Gathering
: Inspiring me to draw freely and often. Her art speaks to the everyday, and I love it.

A Garden of Nna Mmoy:
She writes dissertations for blog posts. I can't believe she publishes this stuff for free.

Indie Bloggers: A collaborative and community building site of bloggers who don't find themselves easily identifying with blog categories like, "mommy blogger," "food blogger," "personal blogger." It's a place for bloggers who are compelled to write because they love to write can meet and enjoy one another's work.

Cartoons on Business Cards: These business cards just make me smirk. Fun site.