Friday, January 12, 2007

January 2007

Diary of a Self Portrait: Sometimes her posts strike a chord in me that lasts for the whole day. AND as someone who gets quite geeky when it comes to blog design- I find her site is aesthetically pleasing and wonderful.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 2006

Here are some of the bloggers from December 2006 from the ephemeral blogroll of my main site.

Eats Bugs: I don't read many men bloggers. I just don't. Not sure why really, but when I discovered Derek's blog, I was instantly drawn. Met him through NaBloPoMo, by following Dating God's blogroll of "the tribe of yes" NabloPoMo participants.

Pluck The Petals: Blogging since 2003, this woman has soul and writes directly from it. She ain't bad with the camera either.

Crunchy Photoblug: Amazing photography. The portraits of the children on this site are beautiful and moving.

Wool Gathering
: Inspiring me to draw freely and often. Her art speaks to the everyday, and I love it.

A Garden of Nna Mmoy:
She writes dissertations for blog posts. I can't believe she publishes this stuff for free.

Indie Bloggers: A collaborative and community building site of bloggers who don't find themselves easily identifying with blog categories like, "mommy blogger," "food blogger," "personal blogger." It's a place for bloggers who are compelled to write because they love to write can meet and enjoy one another's work.

Cartoons on Business Cards: These business cards just make me smirk. Fun site.